Distributed Ledger Technology


In 2017, Gartner named Blockchain its Disruptive Technology of the Year with predictions that Blockchain could disrupt multiple industries with numerous new startups and consultancies standing up to meet surging demand. 

  • According to Business Wire, they estimate that the global Blockchain market is expected to grow from US$ 210.2M in 2016 to US$ 2,312.5M by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 61.5%.

Though the Blockchain market is growing rapidly, as organizations are increasingly focused on transparency, immutability and scalability, factors such as lack of awareness about the Blockchain and uncertain regulatory status are restraining its full potential.  There is also a critical need to assist Blockchain entrepreneurs globally with product commercialization. BlockChange was formed to respond to these gaps by providing a real-world,  strategically focused and pan-industry accelerator with a dynamic, aligned curriculum, coupled with a collaborative, global Blockchain Center of Excellence to provide the broad dissemination of applied innovation use cases and industry Best Practices. 


BlockChange Accelerator


BlockChange is a virtual, global, pan-industry accelerator with an extensive U.S. and international commercial network dedicated to accelerating applied innovation in and adoption of blockchain distributed ledger technology across industries and governments around the world.  Countries and companies that leverage BlockChange resources and expertise will gain access to a multi-faceted program which supports the success of native entrepreneurs by providing global pathways to product commercialization.  At the startup company level, this accelerator will provide a springboard to transform entrepreneurial ventures into real enterprises by providing them focused entrepreneurial on-going education, mentorship, operating support, access to potential investors, corporate partners and customers.

These SMEs' success will drive macro-economic growth as BlockChange builds sustainable innovation ecosystems within its client countries.  Members of the accelerator become part of a comprehensive, global innovation network that sustains invention, growth and value creation while allowing for knowledge transfer and competency. This collaborative will concurrently enable governmental agencies to develop and expand existing communities through investments in blockchain technology.