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Global Center for Sports Health Innovation



The global sports economy has risen to $480B+ (USD), partly due to an infusion of investment capital from Silicon Valley in recent years as technology continues to permeate every sector of society. Investment in sports-related startups by venture capital (“VC”) and private equity crossed $1B (USD) annually in 2014 and has trended upward annually ever since* (*source:  SportVest).

The concept for a Global Center for Sports Health Innovation (GCSHI) seeks to leverage this trend, and was inspired by Barca – the innovation hub of one of the world’s leading soccer clubs, Barcelona F.C.  GCSPI is intended to be a compilation of the best elements of this initiative, but with a global, specialized and significantly broadened reach - an innovation and investment ecosystem focused on sports wellness, health & post-injury rehabilitation, with clinical validation, research and investments in emerging technology-enabled solutions, genomics, precision/personalized medicine and other bio-life science therapeutics, performance psychology and other therapies.


Emerging technologies such as the IoT, VR, pharmacogenomics, AI and blockchain offer tremendous growth opportunities for investors.  These technologies are also complex, under-commercialized and often lack clinical validation, making them investments with a higher degree of risk.  Collegiate, professional and Olympic sports globally represent tremendous opportunities as platforms to reach billions of passionate consumers.  The vision of GCSHI is to combine and tap the synergistic potential of these two phenomena in a way that both improves the health and well-being of elite athletes, and educates, provides access to and rewards the visionary entrepreneurs and investors who seek to support them.

In additional to commercial success, the GCSHI will pursue passionately its social mission of advancing the health & well-being of amateur athletes everywhere, and the global community at large.

Project Description

I. Elements

-      Sports Health & Wellness Technology & Therapeutics Clinical Validation & Research Lab

-      Business Resource & Innovation Center (BRIC) Incubator

-      Global, Virtual StartUp Accelerator

-      Global Partner Network

-      Media/Community Outreach

-      Applied Innovation Consulting (AIC) Group

-      Dedicated Venture Fund

-      Charitable Foundation

The Clinical Validation & Research Lab, Global Virtual Accelerator and BRIC will be managed in partnership seasoned entrepreneurs, leading academic medical centers and other leading health & wellness organizations; the Dedicated Investment Fund will be run in partnership with leading angel investors and VCs; and the Applied Innovation Consulting (AIC) Group will be led by the Management Team utilizing the worldwide network & multiple-domain expertise of EnableHealth, Sports Council SV and the Global Partner Network.


GCSHI seeks initially to raise $1.5M USD to launch its bricks-and-mortar operations, as well as its global virtual accelerator, incubator and dedicated venture fund.  Funding will support staff, overhead, research, travel, etc.  Sustaining funding will come from follow-on investment and income, consulting service provision, specialty events and media ventures.

SportsCouncil SV

SportsCouncil SV is a leading global sports network that brings together professional teams (Warriors/NBA, LA Galaxy/MLS, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, McLaren/F1, PSG/Ligue 1, etc.), sports events (e.g. Australian open tennis), athletes, investors/VCs, large corporations (Google, Facebook, Magic Leap, Amazon, etc.) sports startups (AR, VR, big data, eSports, wearables/IOT, etc.) to help bring innovation to sports and grow the ecosystem. It has a network of 5,000 sports and tech execs globally. www.sportscouncilsv.com                                                                                            

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